Considerations in Choosing the Type of CCTV

The development of security systems, especially currently developing rapidly, among manufacturers developing each other CCTV technology that produces better and quality images, here are some differences and explanations between hdcvi, hdtvi, and ahd CCTV. Aside from that, you may also need to hire the professional CCTV and Locksmiths Dublin experts to help you whenever your security system has been breached Locksmith Dublin.

HDCVI (High definition composite video interface)

CCTV HD-CVI or high definition composite video interface was developed and produced by the world in 2012, the basic of HDCVI is the development of an HD CCTV camera but still using coaxial cable (RG6, RG59). HD-CVI is a breakthrough for CCTV security systems that were previously limited to ordinary analog camera technology that has standardized image quality and is used to becoming clear and clean HD megapixel images and videos, and able to use coaxial cables up to 500 meters,

HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface)

HD-TVI is also an HD camera that uses coaxial RG 6 or RG 59 cable. HDTVI was created by techpoint. inch (built in silicon valley in 2012) which some people – originally from techwell. Techwell chipsets have a high market prey in the field of analog camera DVRs before, so Techpoint has a rich and high experience of techwell technology.

analog CCTV camera that has a resolution of 960H, can not meet the needs of customers who want clear and clear image quality, CCTV IP Camera also has limitations and weaknesses such as data network delay, and finally due to market demand that requires HD CCTV camera coaxial cable, techpoint, inc creates HD-tvi with 720P and 1080p resolution with full HD video chipsets

The difference between HD-CVI, HD-TVI and AHD CCTV from the technology:

Compared to CVI and TVI, AHD CCTV as said by the AHD CCTV manufacturer can be perfectly compatible with 960H / D1.

But someone who has tested AHD CCTV, if a customer or user needs AHD to support 960H, then they have to reset the parameters and some menus and restart DVR.

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