Do These Two Things To Avoid Pain In The Office

In the office, you are indeed required to be able to sit and work in front of a computer screen for a long time. This certainly can cause you to feel pain in the bones and aches in some parts of the body. For that, the right office chair will minimize these diseases. You can choose Leather Office Chairs to be comfortable working in the office.

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In addition, you can also do some of these movements to avoid getting sore from sitting too long.

– Turn shoulder
Sit in a sturdy position. Take a deep breath and lift your shoulders as high as your ears. Hold on for a while. Release and drop the shoulder to its original position. Repeat 3 times.

– Stretching back
Sit in a sturdy position on the edge of the chair. Drop your legs in front of you. Lower the body to reach the left toes, hold 10-30 seconds. Slowly return to the top, down again to reach the fingers of the right foot. Do side turns.

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