Don’t Worry About Mistakes And Stereotypes When Learning English

The next English learning tip is PRACTICE. We often do the following: fear of being wrong so that it doesn’t become a practice. Afraid of being wrong so you don’t learn. Afraid of being wrong, so you don’t get smart. Everyone has felt scared. All have felt inferior because they saw their lack of self. Also ever felt embarrassed after making a mistake. Aside from that, you may take the b1 english test if you’re confident with your speaking and listening skill in English.

Making mistakes will be a valuable thing when fixing it. You get valuable lessons from mistakes. If it’s never wrong, you will never step forward for fear of trying.

Spelling, grammar and pronunciation errors are natural for those who are still beginners. Even lecturers or teachers have made mistakes. As long as it is fixed, mistakes become the seeds of success.

So just do it. and try your best.

Furthermore, many say that Caucasians are strict. We must not ask matters relating to privacy to Caucasians, one example of which is asking about age.

However, don’t overly believe in such stereotypes. Sometimes there are Caucasians who don’t mind telling you their age.

In addition, there is also a stereotype that all Caucasians can speak English. Even though it’s not all. There isn’t even one hundred percent. Only know Yes, No and Thank you. So, don’t overly believe in the stereotype that all smart Caucasians use English.

If you know another stereotype about Caucasians, search first. Do not immediately believe. Find out the truth so you don’t worry too much about talking to Caucasians.

Furthermore, I once talked with a student who took private lessons. He said that he has friends who have less English (according to my students) but like to Speak Up. Although my students’ abilities are better, they cannot be as brave and surfing as their friends.

In my opinion, besides being afraid of being wrong, this student is still insecure because he feels he does not have as much knowledge as his friend. Even though his friend is often wrong in talking or when writing a status on social media, his friend still has confidence.

Feelings of lack of confidence hamper the development of speaking skills. To overcome this, I asked him to find a comfortable interlocutor.

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