How To Deal With The Windy Condition When Playing Golf

Windy conditions pose a challenge for both beginners and professional golfers. Not infrequently the neat score that is usually printed by professional golfers immediately turns into a threat to them when the wind starts blowing hard. Taking the time to think on every hole and choosing the best stick can help your game return to its best performance. Here are 3 tips for playing golf when the wind is blowing hard according to Jim Sobb, director of Golf and PGA Professionals at Ivanhoe Club Mundelein. Aside from that, we’d like you to check out the most recommended pattaya golf course as well.

1. The wind blows hard

When you are playing and the wind is blowing hard, you will need more clubs than usual. Conditions like this can not only depend on one club, strong winds can make your ball fly aimlessly, even enough if the ball is hit ends in the bunker. In these conditions, you need to hold the club stronger and make a slightly shorter swing. Because the shorter the swing is done, the lower the ball (generally) will be.

In addition to keeping the ball low, you should take a position a little further back when compared to the normal position. Because this position helps create a better balance and also lowers your center of gravity.

2. Crosswind

When the wind blows from the side it immediately disrupts your punch and makes the ball extend far from the intended hole. Try to direct the target more to the right or left according to the direction of the wind. So that the speed of the ball will be a little helped by the direction of the wind.

3. Fight the wind direction

If in the other direction of the wind you need to do a shorter punch and be careful. For this time you are required to hit hard. Because the blow against the wind will keep your ball stuck and fly lower than usual. Therefore you need to hit hard to get your ball to the destination hole area.

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