Immediately Wash the Rug When These Signs Appear

Do you have rug at home? When was the last time to wash it? Don’t let the rug not be washed for years. Rugs that are not washed regularly will be a ‘comfortable home’ for germs to breed. Rugs should be washed regularly at least every three months, you can visit carpet cleaning deals rug cleaning sydney and we will help you clean your rug. In addition, immediately wash the rug if some of these signs have appeared:

1. Bad Odor

The clearest sign that the rug has to be washed is a strong odor. Do not let the the odor interfere with the comfort of the house. Wash the rug immediately using a disinfectant or put it in the laundry to make it more practical.

2. Make You Sneeze

Can’t stop sneezing when sitting on a rug? That’s a sign that the rug is very dirty and have a lot of dust. Immediately clean the accumulated dust by drying it outside the house and patting it. Then, spray with water so that the dust pile disappears.

3. Feels Damp

A moist feeling can arise due to the presence of many fungi. For that, immediately wash your rug if you feel damp and sticky when sitting on it. If left unchecked it will make it itchy and reddish.

4. Color Fades

If the color of your rug is more faded than usual, it can be a sign that your rug is dirty. Washed will make the color of the rug brighter just like when you just bought it.

Another case with stains on the rug. Stubborn stains on your rug are certainly very annoying. However, do not rush to try to clean stubborn stains on your rug. The first thing you need to do is identify the cause of the stain.

If the type of stain comes from an alcoholic drink, you can use a detergent solution. First of all, checked the part of the rug which exposed to the stain with a detergent solution. Avoid using salt to clean alcoholic stains. If your rug has milk, tea or coffee, absorb the stain with a clean cloth. Next, clean the stain with a solution of white vinegar and use soda water to rinse.

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