List Of Foods That Should Be Consumed For A Healthier Heart

Food consumed can result in a person having a risk of a heart attack. We recommend that you pay attention to food consumed every day, and do not eat foods that can trigger a heart attack. It is recommended to eat foods that can increase nitric oxide in the body because these molecules can help blood circulation which makes the heart work lighter.

In eating food, you do not have to leave your favorite food, but you need to control the intake of food you consume every day because there are some foods that can be a trigger for a heart attack in a certain time. The following are foods that should be consumed to avoid heart disease:

– Reduce consuming salt
Salt can lead to high blood pressure in a person, which at the end will affect the performance of the heart. Reduce the portion of salt in your food to maintain heart health.

– Avoid fast food
Fast food that we often consume turns out to trigger a heart attack. These foods contain lots of salt, preservatives, sugar, other flavoring ingredients, and may contain saturated fats. In addition, the types of fast food are known to cause a person to be obese or overweight.

– Avoid soft drinks
Based on research and studies from health experts say that soft drinks and contain artificial sweeteners can result in someone suffering from coronary heart disease.

– Drink green tea without sugar
Green tea is well-known for its antioxidant properties and can keep blood vessels healthy. It’s been proven that drinking 2 cups of green tea every day can keep the heart healthy. Besides black tea, other drinks that can help maintain your heart health are black tea, red wine, and pomegranate juice.

– Drink enough mineral water
Lack of fluid in the body can make blood circulation disrupted. Therefore, make sure you always drink enough water according to the needs of the normal human body.

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