Some Of The Most Common Alarm Types

The Wireless alarm is very easy to apply because you can install it yourself. Wireless alarm maker manufacturers will usually provide a guidebook to direct the installation stages. This type of alarm is widely used in multi-story buildings such as office buildings. However, not infrequently there are also consumers who are interested in using it to secure homes. Wireless alarms are equipped with features intended to prevent burglary or burglars. There is also a panic button that serves to ask for help when needed. In the meantime, you can also check out the finest alarms 247 for improving the security system of your home.

Pet Immune Motion Detectors

Not only is it a security alarm, but this tool is also added with a motion detector feature against pet immunity. Its function is to ignore the motion that can be caused by animals. This will reduce the possibility of an alarm making a wrong detection. Immune Motion Detectors are also available in a variety of features, with a level of sensitivity that can be determined for your pet. It can usually reach 40-80 kilograms and can also be arranged to avoid pets.

Wireless Smoke Detector

As the name implies, this smoke detector is used to indicate if there is a gas or smoke leak inside the house. This type of fire alarm is very suitable for use in office buildings, homes, factory buildings, and warehouses. Especially if there are many complicated installations in the building that can trigger a fire. To prevent this, you can use a wireless smoke detector and place it at strategic points.

Passive Infrared Detector Sensor / PIR Sensor

This type of home alarm is an electronic sensor that can measure infrared or IR light, by emitting it from objects that enter into visibility. This type of alarm is usually used as a motion detector that relies on passive infrared sensors. With a perimeter, this tool is designed to provide protection. One of the advantages of this PIR tool is that it can detect the intruder, even before the intruder enters the yard.

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