One of the great things that the breakfast buffets of the Golden Corral Breakfast have is that they make available to the customers an enormous variety of fresh fruit ready to eat you do not have to worry about cutting the watermelon, peeling the apple or chopping the Kiwis because you have everything ready and within reach. The breakfast paradise! A bowl full of fresh fruit is an unbeatable idea to start the day.

Beware of the brightly colored pseudoMacedonian that is also common in many Golden Corral Buffetsthat mixture of pineapple, apple and “cherries” cut into small pieces and put in syrup in a giant bowl. It’s fruit, but fruit dipped in water with sugar. If we can choose fresh fruit, it will always be the best option.

Golden Corral Breakfast Hours

It is also traditional in many Golden Corral buffets to offer a wide variety of cheeses that we can combine with the fresh fruits we have talked about previously. Cured cheeses are the ones that usually contribute a greater amount of fat and calories, but you can choose fresh cheeses to include at breakfast.

More and more times, near the yoghurts we can also find fresh cheese whipped  it is an excellent option to combine, for example, with a handful of nuts and pieces of fresh fruit. Get a big bowl and make your own healthy breakfast including these ingredients.

Throw eggs for breakfast

Another reason why it is worth breakfast at the buffet of many restaurants is that they have a cook expressly only to prepare tortillas and scrambled eggs during breakfast. Surely many of you do not eat omelets at breakfast because of the mess that is put to make it in the kitchen first thing in the morningtake advantage if your buffet has a bar of this kind for breakfast eggs well at home.

Salads and vegetables

If in the restaurant most of the guests are locals there will surely be a place in the buffet where we will find a salad area or at least vegetables. The vegetables are ideal to accompany our boiled, scrambled eggs or our tortilla, and we can take them at any time of the daywe do not have to limit their consumption to lunch or dinner.

Also in many cases we can find crushed (and usually homemade) tomato freshly made and prepared to spread on toast and combine with olive oil and a few slices of ham. As we have said before, look for integral bread that is of good quality and opt for the serrano ham (it is also a processed meat, but the sporadic consumption does not need to worry us).

A Golden Corral breakfast can only be called a complete breakfast if the required portion of caffeine is served in the form of a cup of coffee or tea, if that is more to your liking. Good quality coffee and tea are probably the most basic breakfast choices anywhere in the world. The moment a hotel guest sits down, coffee or tea is offered right away – and with good reason. A hot, caffeinated drink – whether it’s a frothy cappuccino or a fragrant Earl Gray – is often the first thing hotel guests want (and expect!) Before they start thinking about food choices.

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