The Mistakes Of Using AC That Lead To Hire AC Repair Service

Although AC is very necessary for several reasons, it does not mean that we will use it as we please. Basically, there are still many people who make mistakes in using air conditioners so they have to call aircon servicing singapore technician even faster than they should.

Temperature regulation has an influence on the amount of electricity consumed by AC. Still referring to the way AC works, setting a very low temperature will make the compressor work extra to reach that temperature. Which of course will make electricity needs higher. This happens, especially if the ambient temperature does tend to be hot. Setting the air conditioner at a very low-temperature level, for example, 18 degrees Celsius, will certainly make the compressor will continue to work to reach this temperature. According to the way it works, the compressor will not stop until this temperature is reached.

If you are wrong in choosing an AC, it can also increase the likelihood of making a mistake. if you want to save electricity more, another way you can do is to choose AC with inverter technology. Save electricity AC inverter is not separated from the different compressor technology with standard AC. The standard AC compressor will work until it reaches the desired temperature. When the temperature is reached, the compressor will automatically turn off. Until then the room temperature rises to a certain degree, the compressor will return to life to bring back the desired temperature. Thus this is repeated throughout use. This is easily recognized by the distinctive sound on the air conditioner which indicates it is reviving the compressor. Unlike the AC inverter. The AC inverter compressor will turn on until the desired temperature is reached. After that, this compressor never really died. The compressor only slows down its motion to then adjust its speed when the room temperature rises to a certain degree.

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