These are Three Mistakes of Washing Carpets That Are Rarely Known By Many People

Carpet is one of the items that are needed in every home. in fact, you certainly often see in one house there are lots of carpets. This can happen because the carpet is one of the home accessories that have many benefits. Ranging from decorations to many uses. For that, the cleanliness of the carpet must also be considered Carpet Cleaning North Shore.

If you don’t use carpet cleaning services, then you have to wash it yourself. This is a difficult thing because you could make a mistake in washing the carpet. There are some mistakes in washing carpets that you should know. Some of the mistakes are

1. The carpet needs to be cleaned because it is full of dust
This is not entirely wrong, but cleaning the carpet is not always about removing dust and dirt. There are lots of ‘other things’ found on your carpet, such as mold, bacteria, pollution, cigarette smoke, and so on. This can cause allergies and trigger the occurrence of asthma and other respiratory disorders. So when you clean the carpet, you not only need to remove dust, but also remove all the dirt and pollutants that settle on the carpet.

2. All carpet cleaning methods are the same
This is of course wrong. There are many methods of carpet cleaning that have their advantages and disadvantages. You certainly have to think of the best method that suits the conditions when you want to clean the carpet at home. If you use professional carpet cleaning services, of course, they offer the best method to suit your needs.

3. The carpet only needs to be cleaned if it is old
This is the most fatal mistake considering that the carpet can store more dust and dirt than you thought. Dirt and dust on carpet fibers are abrasive, which means it can make your carpet look bald. The longer your carpet is not cleaned, the faster your carpet is damaged.

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